Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV is a place where shows, movies, music and more from a wide variety of networks live in harmony for your enjoyment. To show people just how easy and fun it is to use we created Couchland.

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Full Episode

Tune into Couchland: A Show About Shows. And sometimes movies. But mostly shows. And also a chihuahua. In this online video series we chat about why you should already be watching shows like The Deuce, Narcos, 20th Century Women and more on Amazon Fire TV. Hosted by Mamrie Hart, MatPat, and Nicole Byer.

SO Many Shows

 With so many shows, and so little time it can be hard to figure out what to watch.
Let Nicole Byer help you out with her rapid fire rundowns. 

WTF Do I Watch?

Can't figure out WTF to watch? Let Mamrie Hart help you out with her four faves you can stream right now on Fire TV. 

The Catchup

Before you jump into that new season of your favorite show, let MatPat catch up on some of the details, both big and small you might have forgotten from the last season.

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