There are two types of people in the world.
The people who love their pets, and the people who are absolutely obsessed with their pets.
PetSmart is setting out to embrace those people who are over the top, crazy in love with their
pet companions by giving them a place to show the world exactly what it means to be a #Pethusiast. 

Pet Glamour Shots

Customers could receive fun and unique glamour shots when visiting certain PetSmart locations.

Brand Snapchat Story

A collection of Snapchat stories collected by the brand to promote our campaign. 

Online Videos

Wacky character portraits in the form of online social videos to promote our campaign.

Social Content

A series of social posts that put the focus on a few of our most loyal customers.

Campaign Microsite

A microsite used to collects all brand and user generated content as well as share our campaign message. 

Customer Perks

Personalized gifts and special loyalty cards created for our top #Pethusiasts

Copywriter: Connor Addario
Art Director: Hannah Rand